Definition of follow something through in English:

follow something through

phrasal verb

  • Continue an action or task to its conclusion.

    • ‘Lamont follows this argument through to its logical conclusion.’
    • ‘Finally, we do individual sessions to follow people through a full task, to make certain it's working the way they want it to.’
    • ‘I had to follow it through to its conclusion or semi-conclusion.’
    • ‘They were there at the onset of this specific struggle, and they want to follow it through to its conclusion.’
    • ‘Indeed, we should embrace these stirrings so enthusiastically that we demand they are followed through to their proper conclusion.’
    • ‘Lewis has found an incredible story here, and he follows it through to its logical conclusion.’
    • ‘Once we report the complaint, we are committed to following a civil case through to its conclusion, again out of fairness.’
    • ‘I know that I have not fully followed some of the arguments through.’
    • ‘I feel you ease into deals by continually following through on what you say you will do, and you eventually earn the client's trust.’
    • ‘The arrestingly capricious mood of his concerto's second movement is not followed through.’
    complete, bring to completion, bring to a finish, continue to the end, see something through
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