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  • Affection or liking for someone or something.

    ‘I remember him with great fondness’
    • ‘I have a fondness for spicy food’
    • ‘Not alone was he a perfectionist but he brought a great sense of devotion and fondness to his work.’
    • ‘But she was not too upset, for she knew it was a gesture of fondness and respect for Hector Quintero.’
    • ‘Millar didn't care much for sentiment, but he remembered Bilsland with some fondness.’
    • ‘She loved the old songs and traditional music and retained a fondness for them to the end.’
    • ‘He even believes their fondness for each other profoundly affected the course of events.’
    affection, love, liking, warmth, tenderness, kindness, devotion, care, endearment, feeling, sentiment, attachment, closeness, friendliness, familiarity, intimacy
    liking, love, taste, partiality, preference, keenness, inclination, penchant, predilection, fancy, relish, passion, proclivity, appetite
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/ˈfän(d)nəs/ /ˈfɑn(d)nəs/