Definition of food court in English:

food court


North American
  • An area, typically in a shopping mall, where fast-food outlets, tables, and chairs are located.

    ‘It's the hotel equivalent of a food court in a shopping mall, so there is none of the stiffness of formal restaurants.’
    • ‘The market takes place on Train Street outside the food court at the outlet centre.’
    • ‘We walked together back to the middle of the mall where the food court was located.’
    • ‘As we made our way back to the seating area in the food court we spotted Red and Jimmy.’
    • ‘The morning came, the coffee shops in the food court opened, and we were still at it.’
    • ‘We took her for supper in the food court and later did some Christmas shopping.’
    • ‘I am sitting at a cafe in the food court at Victoria station, typing away on my laptop.’
    • ‘Both vehicles were driven round to the food court area where the Range Rover was used to pull a cash machine from the wall.’
    • ‘This was not a normal food court since it did not have a common seating area.’
    • ‘They walked to the food court of the mall the shoe store was located in and got something to eat.’
    • ‘You can just walk from the Nike store to the Arrow outlet and back to the food court in minutes, rain or shine.’
    • ‘I was walking in the food court and someone had spilled some of their water and not bothered to clean it up.’
    • ‘I told that to Lindy after we left the costume store and found a table at the food court.’
    • ‘They walked to the food court in the mall and took a seat at the coffee shop.’
    • ‘The food court has three levels and there are restaurants and bars on every level.’
    • ‘I turned around to see Carmen waving at me from the food court area.’
    • ‘I'm sitting with Mel in the food court at Megamall, and we're eating sizzling meals.’
    • ‘We finally reached the food court and there sat Liv, chatting it up with Landrin.’
    • ‘The teenagers laughed, but they made their way toward the food court nonetheless.’
    • ‘Jessie linked her arm with Tiff's and they began to walk in the general direction of the food court.’


food court

/fo͞od kôrt/ /fud kɔrt/