Definition of foodgrain in English:



  • Any of a variety of grains that are grown for human consumption, such as wheat, oats, etc.

    • ‘Concurrently, the rate of growth of APCOM's support prices for foodgrains and oilseeds have been less than the rate of inflation.’
    • ‘The reason is the huge quantity of water needed to grow fodder, which can be used to grow foodgrains.’
    • ‘Agricultural production is likely to increase by a whopping 13.8% this year with foodgrains growing even faster at 14.2%.’
    • ‘The season when foodgrains are harvested in the fields and brought home is an occasion for celebration in many parts of our country.’
    • ‘Agriculture performance was robust with the stock of foodgrains crossing 63 million tonnes.’
    • ‘The foodgrains that were being looked into were lentils, bajra, jowari and corn to name a few, he said.’
    • ‘Indian stocks of foodgrains may be reaching record levels, but farmers are finding it very difficult to find remunerative price for their products.’
    • ‘Until then, there will be a stockpile of foodgrains on the one side, and starvation deaths on the other.’
    • ‘He points out that India had, in 2001, over 60 million tonnes of foodgrains stored in reserve, much of it open to the weather and subject to spoilage.’
    • ‘As part of the relief operation, a five-member team of the trust visited the areas and distributed 250 packets of foodgrains among the affected.’
    • ‘This apart, foodgrains are used for embossing on the pottery to render ‘value-addition’ to the creations.’
    • ‘Besides, they generously donate foodgrains to the old age homes.’
    • ‘It is because the abundant foodgrains can't be distributed properly that this starvation is happening.’
    • ‘In addition, there will be organic foodgrains, natural juices and hand-made paper at the bazaar.’
    • ‘The budget fails to extend the Public Distribution System for foodgrains to the entire country.’
    • ‘Every month the twenty city lodges collect foodgrains for distribution to the needy.’
    • ‘We will have to change our priorities to think, not only as Mahatma Gandhi said, of the last person, but to think of the last foodgrain.’
    • ‘At the end of the month, all the foodgrain is sold, and the money carefully put away for cheap lending to any member in times of need.’
    • ‘Chandra was not much of a student, so at 19 he plunged into the family foodgrain business in Hissar, a town in India's northern breadbasket.’
    • ‘During yagnas, gold coins, diamonds, expensive silk sarees, ghee and foodgrain are offered to Agni as ‘sacrifice’, the party said.’