Definition of foolish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfo͞oliSH/ /ˈfulɪʃ/

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  • (of a person or action) lacking good sense or judgment; unwise.

    ‘it was foolish of you to enter into correspondence’
    • ‘The Government would be very unwise and foolish to attempt to get rid of her.’
    • ‘She had been so foolish to think she could fall in love with another.’
    • ‘How could I be so foolish to think this would go any differently?’
    • ‘Outsiders have no right to demand it, and the church would be very foolish to try and provide it.’
    • ‘I think it was rather foolish on your part not to ask who you were speaking to.’
    • ‘We are very foolish to let this pass in any instance.’
    • ‘But one is equally foolish to ignore the potential significance of the new science.’
    • ‘I wanted to prove to him that I was not just a little foolish girl.’
    • ‘But it's foolish to think that what worked once will work again.’
    • ‘If such promises have been made, the administration would be foolish to believe them.’
    • ‘No one is foolish enough to believe that we have an equitable system at the moment.’
    • ‘I was foolish enough to believe that someone like him could ever be interested in someone like me.’
    • ‘In practice, prospective partners would be foolish to ignore the interests of either institution.’
    • ‘Byron always longed for adventure, but this idea just seemed foolish to him.’
    • ‘The Titans came, and foolish mortals sought power in strange places.’
    • ‘Equally it is foolish to pretend that private drug taking imposes no harm on society.’
    • ‘However, it's foolish to assume he would transform an underachieving team into an instant contender.’
    • ‘Of course, it may be foolish to assume that the two references to peace present an irreconcilable contradiction.’
    • ‘Neither of us can afford to lose our positions here over a foolish mistake.’
    • ‘He understood that it would be bad and foolish to risk everything for stubborn pride.’
    stupid, silly, idiotic, half-witted, witless, brainless, mindless, thoughtless, imprudent, incautious, irresponsible, injudicious, indiscreet, unwise, unintelligent, unreasonable
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