Definition of foot-dragging in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfo͝otˌdraɡiNG/ /ˈfʊtˌdræɡɪŋ/


  • Reluctance or deliberate delay concerning a decision or action.

    ‘bureaucratic foot-dragging has continued to delay the project’
    • ‘Bureaucratic foot-dragging delayed the formal opening of an investigation for months.’
    • ‘No doubt Kleinfeld will face foot-dragging from people reluctant to change.’
    • ‘He agreed that last year the RPA had concerns about foot-dragging by CIE companies, ‘but I don't have those concerns now’.’
    • ‘Such foot-dragging has delayed its opening, previously scheduled for this week, to the end of the month.’
    • ‘There are many livestock owners here, and all are not happy with authorities' foot-dragging in addressing our concerns.’
    • ‘Bureaucratic foot-dragging is a big reason behind the lack of low-cost housing, many activists say, and the St-Malo saga is just another example.’
    • ‘He had a reputation among Washington insiders for being prickly, abrasive, brash, impatient, and intolerant of bureaucratic foot-dragging.’
    • ‘If there's any silver lining to this particulate-laden cloud, it's that citizens are now wise to bureaucratic foot-dragging.’
    • ‘The opposition's doubts were aggravated by NDP foot-dragging on the dialogue throughout 2004.’
    • ‘In a service business like air travel, surly ticket agents or foot-dragging mechanics who delay a flight can send customers fleeing.’
    • ‘The German war alliance, which Tokyo's foot-dragging and ultimate withdrawal had long delayed, swiftly followed.’
    • ‘Enough foot-dragging and quibbles about ‘historic orthodoxy’.’
    • ‘Now, amidst all the stonewalling and foot-dragging and character assassination I guess this matter won't get top-billing.’
    • ‘But the administration is not alone in its foot-dragging.’
    • ‘After years of foot-dragging and political interference, Japan is finally moving to clear its books of bad loans, while China has barely begun.’
    • ‘We must not trifle with the people's trust by foot-dragging.’
    • ‘Steve is mistaken to think that Schroeder's foot-dragging can't be explained by domestic purposes alone.’
    • ‘Whatever kind of original shenanigans went on, she's been foot-dragging and changing her story about what she did.’
    • ‘Given that it is the only G8 country running a budget surplus, Canada's foot-dragging is particularly blameworthy.’
    • ‘Even the meager construction projects fell through because of the the government foot-dragging and incompetence.’
    disinclination, reluctance, slowness, lack of enthusiasm



/ˈfo͝otˌdraɡiNG/ /ˈfʊtˌdræɡɪŋ/