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  • A step taken by a person in walking, especially as heard by another person.

    ‘he heard footsteps behind him’
    • ‘the footsteps receded’
    • ‘he dogged her footsteps’
    • ‘The door opened and he heard the footsteps as Ben walked in and closed the door behind him.’
    • ‘I turned round after hearing some footsteps behind me and he was right in my face.’
    • ‘As she walked towards the town centre with a friend, she heard footsteps behind her.’
    • ‘On the way to geography I heard footsteps behind me and it sounded as if someone was trying to sneak up on me.’
    • ‘She sits up with an apprehensive stare into the distance, as if she heard a footstep on the strange track she has elected to follow.’
    • ‘He heard footsteps from behind the black door, and a shadow formed underneath it.’
    • ‘It had only been five minute into her break when she heard footsteps behind her.’
    • ‘I heard a footstep behind me, and I looked to see blue leather pants.’
    • ‘Occasionally she heard muffled footsteps pacing in the hallways and rooms below her.’
    • ‘She was startled as she heard the footsteps of two people clattering down the stairwell.’
    • ‘Finally she heard a faint footstep, a click-clacking of undoubtedly expensive shoes that grew heavier as they came nearer.’
    • ‘If she heard footsteps she would wonder whether it was him, if he'd be there when she got home from school.’
    • ‘Doreen was lying awake in a hospital room when she heard the footsteps coming to her door in the early hours.’
    • ‘You've closed the door in your room, but you can hear his footsteps coming up the stairs.’
    • ‘At night time it is said you can still hear her footsteps as she ascends that staircase.’
    • ‘I could still smell him in the laundry, hear his footstep, and run my hands over tools he'd touched every day.’
    • ‘He was about to turn away, when he heard footsteps coming up the church path from the gate.’
    • ‘I heard a footstep a few yards away, and I turned slowly.’
    • ‘You can feel the rough fabric of theatre greens and the heat of the delivery room and hear your footsteps on the ward.’
    • ‘The girl looked up as she heard Rick's soft footsteps against the metal gangplank.’
    footfall, step, stride, tread, pace, stomp, stamp
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/ˈfo͝otˌstep/ /ˈfʊtˌstɛp/


    follow in someone's footsteps
    • Do as another person did before, especially in making a journey or following a particular career.

      • ‘my father was a flight sergeant and I followed in his footsteps’