Definition of for free in English:

for free


  • Without cost or payment.

    • ‘these professionals were giving their time for free’
    • ‘The reality of this world is that there is nothing for free and everything of this order comes at a cost.’
    • ‘It is installed for free by the company, which then recoups its cost and makes a profit through the charges.’
    • ‘Isn't accepting payment in order to file-share even worse than doing it for free?’
    • ‘Thousands of people will be able to travel on the trams for free until charging begins next week.’
    • ‘From the start the festival has proved a popular draw with jazz lovers by offering good music, mostly for free.’
    • ‘It was always an eccentric business principle, giving things away for free.’
    • ‘After this the work goes into the public domain and people can use it for free.’
    • ‘Surely the council should allow the locals, who after all have paid for them in the first place, to park for free.’
    • ‘An archaeological site will be opened to the public who can visit it for free during a special heritage weekend.’
    • ‘Not only are they given away for free at some clinics, but a subscription for the pill at a chemist costs only pennies.’