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for my money

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  • In my opinion or judgment.

    ‘for my money, they're one of the best bands around’
    • ‘Now, for my money, Scott's pretty clearly about as guilty as sin.’
    • ‘The best thing about the site, for my money, is that I've managed to avoid having any photographic likeness of myself included anywhere on it.’
    • ‘‘For my money, he is one of the best centre-halves in England,’ said Melrose.’
    • ‘His famous novel begins with a couple of paragraphs which, for my money, constitute the most mesmerising start of any novel ever written.’
    • ‘Still, for my money, the champions are a decent bet to prevail.’
    • ‘‘There could have been more running and jumping for my money,’ he says, laughing.’
    • ‘It's always difficult to resist the pull of a better-known attraction, but for my money, there's no competition.’
    • ‘He is the complete back row forward and for my money, is the best forward in the world game.’
    • ‘It is, for my money, one of the best screenplays of the past decade, with passages that always produce a smile on my face or a look of amazement in my eyes.’
    • ‘But for my money, this short sojourn confirmed for me once again that cruising boaters are a most interesting lot.’
    in my opinion, to my mind, in my view, as I see it, to my way of thinking, according to my way of thinking, from my standpoint, personally, in my estimation, in my judgement, in my book, if you ask me
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