Definition of for one in English:

for one

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  • Used to stress that the person named holds the specified view, even if no one else does.

    ‘I for one am getting a little sick of writing about it’
    • ‘I for one am very proud of our NHS in Wiltshire and they deserve our praise not our criticism.’
    • ‘The bookmakers, for one, weren't taking too many bets outside of the Gauls and the Poms.’
    • ‘I for one am looking forward to the publication of the Butler Report on Wednesday.’
    • ‘I for one am at a loss to understand how a hidden camera can have that effect.’
    • ‘I for one have not seen the town and surrounding areas look so clean the years.’
    • ‘I for one, greatly admire Sean Connery, he is an all round good guy and a real man.’
    • ‘Annika Sorenstam, for one, will be motivated like no other to lift the trophy on home soil.’
    • ‘He, for one, is not sure that the company would ever wish to sell the drug.’
    • ‘The government has lost its way and I for one am fed up of being told what to do by someone as out as touch as him.’
    • ‘He wants to leave a legacy that will live forever and I for one believe he will do it.’