Definition of forceps in English:


(also a pair of forceps)

plural noun

  • 1A pair of pincers or tweezers used in surgery or in a laboratory.

    • ‘‘The tools we use in making these pictures are very simple - just a pair of forceps, scissors and some glue,’ Liu said.’
    • ‘The upper epidermal layer from the inner surface of the tissue was excised carefully using a pair of forceps and placed immediately into de-ionized water.’
    • ‘Thus, these roots were manually peeled - the peripheral root tissues were carefully picked using a pair of forceps, and then pulled to separate the endodermis covering the stele.’
    • ‘She gave him the injection and pulled out a pair of forceps.’
    • ‘Carefully, he opened the incision with a pair of forceps, revealing her skin's thick red underlining.’
    • ‘This was in spite of great care being taken by very gently holding the specimen with very fine pair of forceps during removal.’
    • ‘Other essential pieces of equipment will include a pair of forceps, pliers, a decent torch, a towel and a good sense of humour!’
    • ‘With a pair of forceps, he lifted what looked like a squirming worm out of the jar.’
    • ‘Research has found the safest way to remove the little bloodsuckers is to grip them as close to their head as possible - preferably using tweezers or forceps at your skin level.’
    • ‘With a pair of forceps gently transfer the graft to another medium-sized petri dish containing hydra medium.’
    • ‘Pick the adults with a pair of forceps and drop them into 70% alcohol contained in a tube.’
    • ‘The temperature of each pair of forceps can be set individually by an easy-to-read keypad.’
    • ‘Titanium forceps also offer durability, which extends the working life of the instrument.’
    • ‘In brief sperm is obtained from the males by gently squeezing their testis with a pair of forceps.’
    • ‘Such a pair of forceps is handled just like conventional straight pairs of forceps and requires no change of handling.’
    • ‘For general dissection, two pairs of forceps are required, a pointed pair for finer work, a blunt pair for heavy work.’
    • ‘Use the other pair of forceps to pinch a bit of abdominal cuticle and pull, revealing the pair of white opaque ovaries.’
    • ‘Each pair of forceps is given a polish finish that is absolutely corrosion resistant.’
    • ‘Greek surgeons used various types of knives, syringes and forceps as surgical tools.’
    • ‘The second exercise involved removing tissue down to the fascial plane, using scissors, scalpel, and forceps as necessary.’
    1. 1.1A large pair of forceps with broad gripping parts, used to encircle a baby's head and assist in birth.
      as modifier ‘a forceps delivery’
      • ‘Yet, the comparative rate of intracranial hemorrhage is not statistically different when vacuum extraction, forceps delivery and cesarean section during labor are compared.’
      • ‘Assisted vaginal delivery comprised both forceps deliveries and vacuum extraction.’
      • ‘Here we review the role of forceps delivery in modern obstetric practice.’
      • ‘The rate of forceps delivery was 12 percent with epidural compared with 3 percent with intravenous meperidine.’
      • ‘The greatest change was associated with forceps delivery.’
      • ‘If instruments are needed for the delivery, a vacuum extractor is less likely to lead to an episiotomy than are forceps.’
      • ‘I went with him to his clinic and there found on the operating table a lady whom they had tried, unsuccessfully, to deliver with forceps without anaesthesia.’
      • ‘When the doctor comes he tells him that there are two options: a forceps birth or Caesarian.’
      • ‘The research also called for better obstetric standards when using forceps and vacuums during deliveries.’
      • ‘It is mandatory to avoid excessive traction on the foetal head during a forceps delivery;’
      • ‘Research has also shown that women planning to give birth at home were less likely to have a Caesarean, or forceps delivery, even if they had to later transfer to hospital.’
      • ‘Births are routinely induced and some would say that Caesareans or forceps delivery are unnecessarily common.’
      • ‘A doctor told the court she did not want to waste time and had planned to carry out a Caesarean if the forceps delivery did not work.’
      • ‘Episiotomy was invented to facilitate forceps deliveries and has continued mainly out of habit not necessity.’
      • ‘When she was born, weighing 4lbs 9oz, she had a mark on her forehead but Katherine was told that it was due to the forceps used during the birth and told not to worry.’
      • ‘In addition, forceps delivery was not the preferred method of many male surgeons or men-midwives in eighteenth-century Britain.’
      • ‘Finally, on the fifth day, I put my head out and there was a doctor with a large pair of forceps, which he slapped around my head, and pulled me out.’
      • ‘Also, I didn't want to come out, and was delivered with the aid of a pair of forceps.’
      • ‘When he was born, the doctor used a pair of forceps to remove him from his mother.’
      • ‘The baby may have a mark on either side of his head, or even bruising, where the forceps have been.’
    2. 1.2Zoology An organ or structure resembling forceps, especially the cerci of an earwig.
      ‘Several tales exist concerning alleged damage of earwigs: how they like to crawl into ears or how the forceps cause a painful pinch.’
      ‘He published papers illustrating discontinuous variation in floral symmetry and in terminal forceps of earwigs and the hornlike processes seen in certain male beetles.’


Late 16th century from Latin, ‘tongs, pincers’.



/ˈfɔːsɛps/ /ˈfɔːsɪps/