Definition of fore-topsail in English:


Pronunciation /fôrˈtäpˌsāl/ /fɔrˈtɑpˌseɪl/ /fôrˈtäpsəl/ /fɔrˈtɑpsəl/


  • The sail above a sailing ship's foresail.

    ‘They also have on display the actual foretopsail that was rigged on the Victory during the battle.’
    • ‘The foretopsail is smallish and easy to work on because we can stand in the working top on the foremast.’
    • ‘If the close-reefed foretopsail is carried instead of the main, it can be easily filled.’
    • ‘The puff died away immediately, however, and no damage was done beyond the splitting of the foretopsail.’
    • ‘Southern hemisphere ships and non-Venn ships of the north were all fore-and-aft rigged, though many had square foretopsails; raffees had square foresails with triangular foretopsails.’