Definition of fore-edge in English:



(also fore edge)
  • The outer vertical edge of the pages of a book.

    as modifier ‘fore-edge paintings had been put on books for centuries’
    • ‘Fore-edge paintings are watercolour decorations, painted on the ends of the pages of the fore-edge of a book.’
    • ‘The edge of a book furthest from its back strip is the fore-edge and they can come uncut (pages that are stuck and need to be cut open) or untrimmed (the fore-edges of pages deliberately left uneven).’
    • ‘For sometime now I've been delighting in hardback books with untrimmed fore-edges - making the book look and feel old; wonderful and priceless to the touch.’
    • ‘The flap on the right folds over to protect the fore-edge of the leaves; the book you hold in your hands, like modern books in general, lacks this amenity.’
    • ‘For the temporary display of your fore-edge painted book, we have available an ingenious wooden book press.’



/ˈfôrˌej/ /ˈfɔrˌɛdʒ/