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usually one's forefathers
  • 1A member of the past generations of one's family or people; an ancestor.

    ‘the duchy which her forefathers had ruled since the tenth century’
    • ‘Generations of his forefathers had worked as miners, loyal to the union and at major risk of terrible injuries as they worked the kingdom's coal seams.’
    • ‘Like their forefathers, the present generation also has to put up with the stench.’
    • ‘Otho's father, three times mayor of Exeter, was John, and his forefathers in four preceding generations were all either John or William.’
    • ‘Peasants left the land their forefathers had farmed for generations.’
    • ‘For many generations, my forefathers have been lumbermen, loggers and mill workers.’
    • ‘He says that the blood which ran through the veins of his family's forefathers runs through his own and his son's veins too.’
    • ‘One hundred years ago today, your forefathers declared independence from the tyranny of the rule of my forefathers.’
    • ‘You are destroying a nation that our forefathers, fathers and the present generation fought and died for.’
    • ‘It depicts what our forefathers had to endure in the past.’
    • ‘The thrust of the campaign is to ensure that coming generations too experience Sabarimala just like their forefathers did.’
    • ‘They enact the roles they have imbibed from their forefathers acting successively over seven generations.’
    • ‘With scraps and fabric recycling, you can be creative and frugal and all those things our foremothers and forefathers were when they were sewing at home.’
    • ‘Our forefathers and foremothers were human, made of flesh and blood.’
    • ‘It must be an absolute tragedy for people to know that the language of their forefathers and foremothers would possibly be lost.’
    • ‘It's been passed on and passed on by our forefathers and foremothers throughout time.’
    • ‘My children know that, in addition to their Indonesian and Chinese ancestors, they also have Scottish and Irish forefathers.’
    • ‘His forefathers had owned a massive vineyard for the past 5 decades and it had passed on to Giovanni once his father had died.’
    • ‘These crimes were not perpetrated by this generation; rather by their forefathers.’
    • ‘Think back on all of his forefathers, and tell me his family is worthy of salvation.’
    • ‘That is, neither we, our forefathers, nor our progeny would have been or would be able to survive if one followed this rule.’
    forebear, ancestor, predecessor, progenitor, father, grandfather, parent, grandparent
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    1. 1.1A precursor of a particular movement.
      ‘the forefathers of rock 'n' roll’
      • ‘These bands are the forefathers of this movement.’
      • ‘It was a seminal collection of work, and he was a forefather to the surrealist movement, as I later found out, and was deeply influential to Marcel Duchamp.’
      • ‘Take, for example, the fact that while Lovecraft is usually described as a forefather of modern horror fiction, his stories are, to put it bluntly, not very scary.’
      • ‘If the forefathers of modern Witchcraft experimented why can't we?’
      • ‘In 1986, he was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame as one of the forefathers of rock music.’
      • ‘Clearly, Smith developed an analysis of lobbying that was the forefather of modern neoclassical political economy.’
      • ‘He was one of the forefathers that pioneered the kind of government we have today.’
      • ‘John Lounsbury, a forefather of the middle school movement, stated there is ‘a charge to keep’.’
      • ‘Those Puritan forefathers generate their fair share of criticism from we their modern-day descendants.’
      • ‘Certainly books about books do take us back to our literary forefathers and foremothers and back into the often distant historical past.’
      • ‘It's also entirely likely that we have not come of age and I might be the forefather of a hundred generations of priests designated the holy task of worshipping the artefacts.’
      • ‘They managed to restore the past glory of this forefather of the comic book industry - largely developed by American Jews after the Depression and reaching its heights in the '60s.’
      • ‘It is through these copies that God chose to provide his Word to our forefathers in the faith, as also to our generation and beyond.’
      • ‘Furthermore, his post as the forefather of opera was seriously questioned and negated.’
      • ‘Please, in every decision made on behalf of the people as is your duty, make choices that this nation's forefathers would appreciate and future generations will benefit from.’
      • ‘I am eager, though, to see all the fathers and forefathers of French art, so I can form a very different opinion of France.’
      • ‘These are the forefathers of the American ‘redneck’.’
      • ‘The poems of Atal Bihari Vajpayee that I picked to sing in Samvedna were written decades ago when he was still inspired by the legacy of our political forefathers.’
      forerunner, predecessor, forefather, father, parent, antecedent, ancestor, forebear, progenitor
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/ˈfôrˌfäT͟Hər/ /ˈfɔrˌfɑðər/