Definition of foreign-looking in English:



  • Exotic or unfamiliar in appearance.

    ‘a photo of a beautiful foreign-looking woman’
    ‘stalls jammed with colourful foreign-looking fruits and vegetables’
    • ‘He said officers were often reluctant to challenge foreign-looking people for fear of attracting racism complaints which might threaten their career.’
    • ‘He opens the door and casts a tearful eye on the dignified, elegant, foreign-looking woman who will win his heart.’
    • ‘What photo teachers love are shots of old people peering out of ornate windows, especially foreign-looking old people and foreign-looking windows.’
    • ‘As she put her card in to the machine she noticed a foreign-looking woman standing extremely close to her.’
    • ‘Police questioned the apartment's landlord and were told that Filipinos had rented the apartment, but "foreign-looking men had been frequenting the house."’
    • ‘At the end some foreign-looking gentleman started haranguing him in a language I didn't understand and Galloway looked even more paranoid than usual.’
    • ‘He ran his hands over the oaken surface, tracing the black ironwork that scrolled in an intricate design of vines and foreign-looking symbols across the face of the door.’
    • ‘Two young men between the ages of 15 and 25 were seen running away from the crime scene; they were described as "foreign-looking" and are now wanted by the police.’
    • ‘Common specimens, such as green beans and onions, are presented in unfamiliar perspectives whereas a closer view of our own organs and tissues reveals a foreign-looking universe housed inside the human body.’
    • ‘The German-born Queen preferred more opulent and foreign-looking objects, acquiring Boulle-style cabinets, as well as ornate French furniture with elaborate mounts.’
    • ‘The first vaguely foreign-looking person he saw in Blackpool would, as likely as not, receive the full force of his rage, instability and self-righteous brutality.’
    • ‘These houses were strange, foreign-looking, austere, un-cosy.’
    • ‘The foreign-looking barman will stare at you quizzically, but you will muster all the bravado you can, stare him out and repeat the request like he's the world's dumbest mammal.’
    • ‘Burly, foreign-looking men were at work on the dock, removing barrels and supplies from the warehouse to a heavily laden barge and three of the ships.’
    • ‘When she drew back her veil, we saw a beautiful face, with an olive complexion and black eyes, obviously foreign-looking, yet it would have been difficult to tell what country she came from.’
    striking, colourful, eye-catching