Definition of foreign bill in English:

foreign bill


  • A bill of exchange payable in another country.

    ‘Colonial merchants did make use of domestic and foreign bills of exchange, but it was nearly impossible to convert these financial instruments into cash during periods of stringency.’
    • ‘Another method by which the B.U.S. sought to protect the general system of bank inflation was by buying and selling domestic and foreign bills of exchange.’
    • ‘To thumb through a wad of foreign bills and sift through what's probably a 10-pound coin collection brings back memories of all the ports the ship visited and what I bought to come back with all that change.’
    • ‘I know it says it could be done with some foreign bills but I still feel left in the dark.’
    • ‘This is an action on a foreign bill of exchange by the payees against the acceptor.’
    • ‘On the other hand, the foreign bill on imported goods dropped by 3.1 percent to $3.882 billion from $4.008 billion.’
    • ‘This was an action of assumpsit founded on the second of a foreign bill of exchange, by the endorsee against the endorser, for non-acceptance.’
    • ‘By being brought from the coffers of the bank, besides, it lost all the other advantages of bank money; its security, its easy and safe transferability, its use in paying foreign bills of exchange.’
    • ‘If foreign bills of exchange may thus be the subject of State regulation, much more so may contracts of insurance against loss by fire.’
    • ‘Section 182 mentions ‘foreign bills of exchange and letters of credit’ that are ‘drawn in but payable out of the Philippines.’’
    • ‘Meanwhile, as foreign bills have been increasingly accepted in Japan and there has been an increasing demand for bill receiving/dispensing machines in foreign countries, an installation capable of handling not only Japanese Yen bills but also foreign bills has been demanded.’
    • ‘Does anyone know how costly it is to cash a foreign bill of exchange (in this particular case, it is issued in China by Bank of China and denominated in Euros, and I want to cash it at a bank in Munich).’