Definition of forerun in English:


Pronunciation /fôrˈrən/ /fɔrˈrən/

transitive verbforeruns, forerunning, foreran, forerun

[with object]literary
  • Go before or indicate the coming of.

    ‘the vast inquietude that foreruns the storm’
    • ‘It had the swinging block style action operated with a finger-lever, which foreruns the Favorite.’
    • ‘An hour of this passed, when the vibrations of feet in contact with the ground foreran the one who approached.’
    • ‘It is also showed that these later views foreran themes that were to be emphasized decades later by heterodox economists, particularly the Post Keynesian ones.’
    • ‘If I should write to you of all things which promiscuously forerun our ruin, I should over-charge my weak head and grieve your tender heart.’
    • ‘Mankind has never built a spacecraft of this shape, and I am moved anew when I realize that this very shape foreruns the form of future sample return spacecrafts.’