Definition of forged in English:


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  • Copied fraudulently; fake.

    ‘they have illegally entered the UK using forged travel documents’
    • ‘Identities can be stolen or created using legitimate or forged documents.’
    • ‘Robert Crain (Marlon Brando) has been living in India on a forged Swiss passport for the past three years.’
    • ‘A couple of schoolboys pass off a forged 500-franc note at a photography shop.’
    • ‘Federal investigators in Pakistan said forged documents are a dilemma for law enforcement.’
    • ‘She alleges the signature was forged to cover up the fact her son had not attended.’
    • ‘I know you believe that the documents were forged.’
    • ‘There was no evidence that all documents emanating from Albania were forged.’
    • ‘Following him, a Latin scholar named Ross wrote a book essentially proving that the Annals were indeed forged.’
    • ‘Mail coming from anywhere else is considered forged.’
    • ‘The province is also the transit route for the smuggling of guns, cigarettes, petrol, stolen cars and forged documents.’
    • ‘They are now widely accepted at U.S. commercial banks, hospitals and even airlines, and they are easily forged documents.’
    • ‘Hunston claims that his signature was forged on one of the documents setting up the partnership.’
    • ‘He said his documents were not forged.’
    • ‘And Carlos thinks it would be tough to find a new job with his forged identity documents and limited English.’
    • ‘This is a security concern, as officials are trying to improve on easily forged laminated ID cards.’
    • ‘Charges have been made that when works were loaned abroad, they were replaced by forged copies.’
    • ‘The Shanghai Municipal Personnel Bureau has been looking into the problem of forged certificates since 1999.’
    • ‘After the seizure, the people involved obtained a forged safety certificate.’
    • ‘They were being detained for possessing forged documents and offences related to the production of cannabis.’
    • ‘This case involves the alteration, by the addition of a forged signature, to an authentic but inexpensive Dali etching.’



/fôrjd/ /fɔrdʒd/