Definition of forgetfully in English:


Pronunciation /fəˈɡɛtfʊli/ /fəˈɡɛtf(ə)li/


See forgetful

  • ‘If they forgetfully don't, they risk not getting any points at all.’
  • ‘Innovative ink technology won't dry out, even when markers are forgetfully left uncapped for three days.’
  • ‘And so he behaves forgetfully and rudely, like those who forget to put the lid down or flush.’
  • ‘However, if a person eats or drinks forgetfully or accidentally or is forced to do it, the fasting is intact, the day is not to be made up and the person should continue fasting.’
  • ‘And I discovered that she was using something she had forgetfully omitted from the recipe she had written out for me, thyme.’



/fəˈɡɛtfʊli/ /fəˈɡɛtf(ə)li/