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Pronunciation /fərˈɡiviNG/ /fərˈɡɪvɪŋ/


  • 1Ready and willing to forgive.

    ‘Taylor was in a forgiving mood’
    ‘he was definitely not inclined to be forgiving of anyone spearing his cattle’
    • ‘This is the second time my bike has been stolen so I'm not in a forgiving mood now.’
    • ‘Now investors are feeling the pain and in a less forgiving mood when it comes to executive excess or wrongdoing.’
    • ‘It was lengthy and involved and I could see no one was in a forgiving mood.’
    • ‘Business leaders, at least, seem in a forgiving mood.’
    • ‘It was just bad luck for him that I wasn't in a forgiving mood.’
    • ‘It's been suggested that having terminal cancer has made me more forgiving and magnanimous, since death is approaching at considerable speed.’
    • ‘I can't be sensitive and forgiving and compassionate 24 hours a day.’
    • ‘Our attempts at being nonjudgemental, forgiving and compassionate are feeble.’
    • ‘The poor fools, they don't know what they are doing, he concluded, and he was able to establish a forgiving and understanding state of being.’
    • ‘Americans are a forgiving people, a compassionate people, a people who are always ready to give a guy a second chance.’
    • ‘She was usually such an easy-going and forgiving kid; it just wasn't like her to be so stubborn.’
    • ‘He sat there with his head down, obviously out of shame, and I can understand that, but we are a forgiving bunch on this side of the Chamber.’
    • ‘On reflection, we usually saw the wisdom of her more forgiving approach and learned that working cooperatively achieved more in the long run and certainly made life much more pleasant.’
    • ‘But as I have said earlier, the audience can be very forgiving (and sometimes inanely lauding) if the director is very giving.’
    • ‘Throughout the cast, a peculiar kind of professionalism characterised a collection of poor performances which managed to be bad without ever having even a bit of forgiving personality.’
    • ‘And yet every tale is delivered with a forgiving chuckle, every outrage defused by the affectionate admiration that Davis couldn't help inspiring in his victims.’
    • ‘Now, I don't entirely agree with his position but it also seems we are not very forgiving of critical perspectives on scientific and technological innovation.’
    • ‘Jacobs has a shrewd, if forgiving eye and, given his background as son of a poor black southern bar-owner, an endearing sense of the absurdity of the world he found himself in.’
    • ‘Richard, the upright and forgiving friend from whom Danny has grown apart over the years, hands him the story, offering him a lifeline from the past and rekindling a friendship for the future.’
    merciful, lenient, compassionate, pitying, magnanimous, humane, clement, mild, soft-hearted, forbearing, tolerant, easy-going, indulgent, accommodating, understanding, placable
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    1. 1.1(of a thing) easy or safe to deal with.
      ‘it's a good, comfortable, forgiving airplane’
      • ‘This tolerance is less forgiving than PCI and also requires layout designers to pay attention to an additional set of constraints.’
      • ‘From a practical standpoint, rubber is a forgiving material, able to withstand the abuse of heavy equipment and harsh chemicals, such as acetone and disinfectants.’
      • ‘Voice control of the computer holds promise, but crewmembers want something much more reliable on the machine side and much more forgiving of human error.’
      • ‘Hypothetically speaking, even if there is a zero per cent chance of something going wrong on this first pilot run, what about all the other students who do not have the luxury of a forgiving schedule?’
      • ‘It's a forgiving recipe, so experiment a bit.’
      • ‘Podocarpus macrophyllus, a relative of the yew, is also very forgiving, growing to only 15 ft, hardy and good in shade.’
      • ‘Even when you hit a bum chord the guitar can make a lovely sound, which means it is a far more forgiving instrument than the descant recorder I played in Primary 5.’
      • ‘They are more forgiving if the temperature's not perfect.’
      • ‘Many of us live in a forgiving environment where people have the leisure to explore ways of changing their very selves, at the physical, social and spiritual levels.’
      • ‘There is a forgiving, arcade-style quality to the ride, as well as a helpful cornering aid, with arrows turning green once you have slowed to the optimum speed.’
      • ‘The forgiving rims in the arena were nothing but help for the long-distance shooting Gaels, who mostly relied on points from behind the arch to stay in the game.’
      • ‘And improvisations are very forgiving - entered into in the spirit of ‘What's to lose?’’



/fərˈɡiviNG/ /fərˈɡɪvɪŋ/