Definition of formalwear in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfôrməlwer/ /ˈfɔrməlwɛr/


  • Clothing, such as tuxedos and evening gowns, for formal social occasions.

    ‘The boy was smartly dressed in formalwear for the occasion but the effect was ruined by his messy sandy hair.’
    • ‘In terms of budget, you should expect to pay anywhere between $50 for a conventional tuxedo to $200 for top-notch designer formalwear.’
    • ‘What's the latest trend in formalwear and what kind of tuxedo would you recommend?’
    • ‘After all, what massive percentage of ‘classical’ performances involve people in formalwear on stage with nicely-polished instruments, an expensive venue, expensive tickets, wine, etc.?’
    • ‘Well, you can wait for the autobiography or you can come with me to shop for formalwear.’
    • ‘She has teamed up with one of her former Academy classmates, Diana Calma, and is designing elegant custom-tailored formalwear for her clients.’
    • ‘He's pretty set on everyone wearing a tartan, so plain formalwear is out, unless, again, I'm trying to make a statement.’
    • ‘Many people probably said hello to Mary Vidler during the week when they went to pick up formalwear for the Business Awards.’
    • ‘Forget about formalwear and join in a bit of cactus and barrels.’