Definition of formicary in English:


nounnoun formicaria/-ˈke(ə)rēə/ , plural noun formicaries

(also formicarium)
  • An ant's nest, especially one in an artificial container for purposes of study.

    ‘So many folks have asked about my formicarium that my friend, Ray, has started making them for sale.’
    • ‘The formicarium had been unused over two months so I put some water on the gel and added sugar and soya.’
    • ‘The queen is in the formicarium now and seems quite busy exploring her new surroundings.’
    • ‘Ask students to make observations of the formicarium at specific times and record this information in a class log.’
    • ‘There is also a rhesus monkey that answers to the name of Joe, and a glass-enclosed formicarium loaded with ants.’
    • ‘While many parents choose to purchase ant farms for their children to use in school science projects, it also possible to create your own formicarium for ant observation.’
    • ‘In the last month, I had occasionally placed different sorts of food in the formicarium.’
    • ‘Keep the formicarium dark, except when you are observing the ants, and even then use as low a light level as possible.’



/ˈfôrməˌkerē/ /ˈfɔrməˌkɛri/


Early 19th century from medieval Latin, from Latin formica ‘ant’.