Definition of foul-smelling in English:



  • Having an extremely unpleasant smell.

    ‘foul-smelling breath’
    • ‘A select group of chemists, however, rarely handle flasks of foul-smelling fluids.’
    • ‘He lay on a filthy, stained bed in a foul-smelling ward.’
    • ‘They help their overworked, underpaid teacher haul water from a well down the road, not far from a foul-smelling outhouse.’
    • ‘Fox was alongside of us, brewing up a foul-smelling soup to help replenish Zertik's health.’
    • ‘Research shows 90 percent of bad breath comes from foul-smelling gases produced by bacteria on the surface of the tongue.’
    • ‘A troop of foul-smelling marine iguanas warm themselves in the sun in the Galapagos Islands.’
    • ‘Two feet down in the dirty, foul-smelling water were valves essential to the pumping operation that had to be opened.’
    • ‘Throughout the region, pristine beaches, bustling towns and breathtaking blue waters were turned into brown, foul-smelling, debris-strewn places of death.’
    • ‘The boats are launched after being towed by ancient and foul-smelling tractors.’
    • ‘Environmental health officers have launched an investigation after a shopper bought "foul-smelling" chickens from a York store.’



/ˌfoulˈsmeliNG/ /ˌfaʊlˈsmɛlɪŋ/