Definition of foul tip in English:

foul tip


  • A pitched ball that tips off the bat and travels directly to the catcher's hands. Unlike a foul ball, a foul tip can be a batter's third strike.

    ‘It is not a foul tip unless it is caught, and any foul tip that is caught is a strike, and the ball is in play.’
    • ‘He cited the same reasons that many other catchers have for why they will squat on every pitch, sweat in all that gear and absorb foul tips and baserunners.’
    • ‘They take all kinds of abuse - they block balls, they get bashed by foul tips.’
    • ‘A dramatic smash may be good for four or six runs, but playing a ball off the edge of the bat, like a foul tip, can be just as effective.’
    • ‘Dent hopped around home plate, stung by the force of the foul tip.’