Definition of foulness in English:



See foul

  • ‘Despite all the diseases they carry, the nuisance they make of themselves and their general foulness, I'm actually quite fond of these little rats.’
  • ‘I couldn't run, or even move, for fear that the watery goop covering the floor would splash up and cover me with its oozing foulness.’
  • ‘But for the sheer foulness of the atmosphere, you'd have to go some to beat Soho after about 11 at night - chucking out time.’
  • ‘Also contributing to the discussion were changes in the middle-class conception of the home, heightened fears about the foulness of the body, and new ideas about the human relationship with nature.’
  • ‘In addition, though, many forms of alcohol contain additives known as ‘congeners’ which have their own role to play in the thick head and general foulness a big night out can induce.’