Definition of four-by-four in English:


(also 4X4)


  • A vehicle with four-wheel drive.

    • ‘Meanwhile, in Kendal, a short convoy of boats, cars and four-by-fours took the report to the Lake District National Park Authority offices at Murley Moss.’
    • ‘Not long afterwards he pulled up on the drive in his four-by-four, having come straight from filming.’
    • ‘‘Driving a car without an adult,’ he smiled again and jerked his head to a four-by-four parked in front of Bri's house.’
    • ‘Most of these elegant four-by-fours, which start at about #32,000, tackle nothing steeper than the north face of a suburban kerb, but the car's mud-plugging abilities are staggering.’
    • ‘Sales of four-by-fours have increased by 10% so far this year in Scotland.’
    • ‘The convoy of mud-spattered four-by-fours has pulled in at the side of the B1224 near Rufforth.’
    • ‘‘We really need a four-by-four,’ Côté suggests.’
    • ‘Steve replied as he walked to his four-by-four.’
    • ‘One of the reasons people buy a four-by-four is for its high-drive position, and the X-Trail offers this together with plenty of glass for all-round viewing.’
    • ‘He could feel the joy at seeing Bill and Dorothy climbing out of the four-by-four, helping Elizabeth to the ground.’
    • ‘Bri put the plates in the sink, locked the door and followed Shane up to the silver-blue four-by-four, frowning.’
    • ‘In April the To's were met with a four-by-four in their front garden after a drunken driver crashed through their wooden fence.’
    • ‘Caught in my imagining, I miss the U-turn of the escort truck and am jolted by the roaring four-by-four off-roading as it swerves around our vehicle.’
    • ‘There is an image in the West that Africa is the one place where four-by-fours are actually necessary.’
    • ‘Be alert to transfer case damage in four-by-fours caused by driving in four-wheel on dry pavement.’
    • ‘And, their cars and those big four-by-fours can pile up on your shop for repairs and maintenance.’
    • ‘The four-by-fours on the other hand take the terrain well and are harder to flip, but don't seem as fast over the ground.’
    • ‘We have been able to access it using all terrain vehicles and four-by-fours, and, unfortunately, it caused some damage even to the four-by-fours that we have been using.’
    • ‘Many Sports Utility Vehicles, vans and four-by-fours have restricted viewing and a driver cannot always see a young child at the back of the vehicle.’
    • ‘Now, we all know that four-by-fours are bad and that instead of driving to work we should all take the bus or walk and that in order to stay healthy we should really get off the bus a stop before and walk the rest of the distance.’