Definition of four-leaf clover in English:

four-leaf clover

(also four-leafed clover)

Pronunciation /ˈfôr ˌlēf ˈˌklōvər/ /ˈfɔr ˌlif ˈˌkloʊvər/

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  • A clover leaf with four leaflets, rather than the typical three, thought to bring good luck.

    ‘They were not very varied in design and the emphasis was on good luck charms such as four-leaf clovers, horseshoes and wishbones, again set with tiny diamonds.’
    • ‘‘I just need to find a four-leaved clover or something to keep hold of,’ he said.’
    • ‘All of a sudden, I found five four-leaf clovers.’
    • ‘I rubbed the scratch cards in anticipation of an imminent windfall, and was confronted with a kaleidoscope of shamrocks, lucky horse shoes and four-leaf clovers.’
    • ‘We hunted four-leaf clovers or scoured the area for insects - candidates for tomorrow's biology session.’
    • ‘Lucky charms, such as photos of family, a rabbit's foot, cuddly toys, gems, horseshoes or four-leaf clovers, are popular.’
    • ‘We press roses, four-leaf clovers, cards, and notes between the pages of our books.’
    • ‘The largest collection of four-leaf clovers belongs to a man serving a life sentence.’
    • ‘And a man who previously appeared to have been born under a four-leaf clover while holding a rabbit's foot and a lucky horseshoe simply ran out of good fortune.’
    • ‘Predicting correctly that somebody will or will not become a successful manager is as likely as delving into a field and coming up clutching a four-leaf clover.’
    • ‘From up here the shape is almost like a four-leaf clover.’
    • ‘He must have a back garden full of four-leaved clovers.’
    • ‘On the other hand, if you're stocked up with four-leaf clovers, horseshoes and other lucky charms, who knows - you could win big, dwarfing the amount a savings account could have paid you.’
    • ‘I loved, too, that she put four-leaf clovers in her Bible.’
    • ‘Letters hold surprising enclosures - pressed violets, four-leaf clovers, and the occasional trinket.’
    • ‘And blades of respectable golf grass were as rare as four-leaf clovers.’
    • ‘The ‘lucky bamboo’ plant has been a big seller at $48, as has a real-life four-leaf clover.’
    • ‘I remembered spending hours looking for a four-leaf clover.’
    • ‘I must have had the right four-leaf clover in my flight suit.’
    • ‘If you've lost your four-leaf clover and need a little help, check out this roundup of local St. Pat's festivities.’