Definition of four-wheel drive in English:

four-wheel drive


mass noun
  • 1A transmission system which provides power directly to all four wheels of a vehicle.

    ‘the tractor has four-wheel drive as standard’
    as modifier ‘a four-wheel-drive truck’
    • ‘We had four desert equipped four-wheel-drive vehicles, two landrovers and two Bedford lorries.’
    • ‘Madras Road was virtually impassable to traffic, allowing only for four-wheel-drive vehicles and trucks, which could go up to a certain point and then turn back.’
    • ‘Some modern Bedu have acquired trucks and other four-wheel-drive vehicles to replace the camel as transportation.’
    • ‘It has called on the expertise of Porsche, Borg Warner, Sachs and Bosch to sort out suspension, fuel injection and the four-wheel-drive system.’
    • ‘He was charged with a high-range drink-driving offence after his four-wheel-drive vehicle hit an electricity pole on August 24.’
    • ‘Australian images still rely heavily - and effectively - on rural symbolism, be it in selling beer or four-wheel-drive vehicles to the urban market.’
    • ‘Access to the Buller River mouth is now only possible by four-wheel-drive vehicles travelling along the beach, as a private road has apparently been closed.’
    • ‘The transactions totalled more than £5m and helped prompt a spending spree on four-wheel-drive vehicles in Pakistan.’
    • ‘Police in four-wheel-drive vehicles and on horseback patrolled the beaches while dog squads, bicycle units and foot patrols roamed the streets.’
    • ‘The car also marks the 25th anniversary of the Audi-pioneered four-wheel-drive system that has changed the face of international rallying.’
    • ‘We are all aware that occupants of small, light cars take the brunt of damage and injury in collisions with the big four-wheel-drive vehicles.’
    • ‘The poorly grated dirt road challenges even four-wheel-drive vehicles.’
    • ‘Transportation is by train, tram, motorcoach, and four-wheel-drive vehicles.’
    • ‘I thought at one time that it was because we live in a semi-rural position in the Pennines that you see lots of four-wheel-drive vehicles.’
    • ‘Emergency doctors in the region have a new fleet of four-wheel-drive vehicles which will help them get to its more remote areas.’
    • ‘Over the last decade, it has gone to rack and ruin and is now a haunt for bikers and four-wheel-drive vehicles.’
    • ‘We leave the relatively smooth dirt roads previously flattened by NGO supply lorries and four-wheel-drive jeeps.’
    • ‘Grinding forward in low gear, the four-wheel-drive truck bucks and sways along the dirt track.’
    • ‘The officer, using a four-wheel-drive vehicle, plowed through snowdrifts three to four feet high.’
    • ‘It accelerates faster because it has four-wheel-drive traction.’
    1. 1.1A vehicle with four-wheel drive, typically designed for off-road driving.
      ‘down the track came a powerful Japanese four-wheel drive’
      • ‘The group was transported in a convoy of police vans, ambulances and four-wheel drives, which snaked its way along main roads and boreens to the search area.’
      • ‘It was our second time down there - we wish we could make it more often, but due to geographical conditions of the place, only four-wheel drives or better equipped vehicles can access the beach, while our car is nothing but an old compact car.’
      • ‘He said that although using four-wheel drives, quad bikes and other vehicles on green lanes was not illegal, it could cause problems if tracks were not maintained.’
      • ‘You also see white, white, beaches, sparkling aquamarine sea and jeeps and four-wheel drives bumping along over the rocks and between the divi divi trees that are bent over by the trade winds.’
      • ‘As we pack our various paraphernalia into the boots of several cars and four-wheel drives, I try not to contemplate what Robert'll make of my ridiculous outburst last night.’
      • ‘Organizers set up a mobile site there to the appreciation of all contestants, with four-wheel drives taxiing those involved between locations.’
      • ‘We have also the use of motorcycles and four-wheel drives on the path.’
      • ‘Some of the TV crews that have been tearing around town in the hired four-wheel drives are pulling out too, and there's a sense of the story winding down.’
      • ‘But later he drove home in one of the museum's four-wheel drives with the luggage compartment filled with animal skulls.’
      • ‘Two British backpackers asleep on the beach of Fraser Island were run over yesterday by one of the four-wheel drives that conservationists say have become a plague on the island off Queensland, reports said yesterday.’
      • ‘We've also got more and better surfboards, sailing boats, motorboats, four-wheel drives and trailbikes and new sports that could only have been imagined back then.’
      • ‘People who have tussled with four-wheel drives before will be accustomed to this slightly squidgy feel but first-timers might be little disconcerted.’
      • ‘Sales of four-wheel drives dropped even more, down by 11.9 per cent as higher petrol prices turned buyers away.’
      • ‘They are still failing to protect fragile dunes, shellfish beds, and nesting grounds from four-wheel drives.’
      • ‘This half-day guided tour will bring them right onto the golden sand dunes of Arabia in four-wheel drives.’
      • ‘The few roads that do exist are treacherous even for four-wheel drives during downpours.’
      • ‘More than once, pulling each other out of mud or pushing a bow wave though the rivers, the four-wheel drives prove their worth.’
      • ‘He believes the company's low-key strategy of establishing itself as a niche player with its sturdy four-wheel drives has paid off.’
      • ‘A lot of our members drive Jeeps of some sort, but we have a good assortment of pickup trucks, hybrids and other four-wheel drives.’
      • ‘The side roads are rough and may require high clearance four-wheel drives.’


four-wheel drive

/ˌfɔːˌwiːl ˈdrʌɪv/