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cardinal number

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    (also xiv, XIV)
    Equivalent to the product of seven and two; one more than thirteen, or six less than twenty; 14.

    ‘they had spent fourteen days in solitary confinement’
    • ‘all fourteen of us were seated’
    • ‘The Christmas tree, still on display, was nearly fourteen feet high and did not yet reach the ceiling.’
    • ‘It's about thirteen or fourteen essays and some other stuff, seven or eight poems and a couple of plays.’
    • ‘A lot could be written on the delight of setting foot on rock after fourteen weeks of snow and ice and nearly seven out of sight of all else.’
    • ‘Seven of the fourteen cuts in tutorials have already been made, most significantly as the result of the introduction of a compulsory thesis.’
    • ‘I was devastated, and mourned Daddy's passing for twelve, thirteen, maybe even fourteen minutes.’
    • ‘He birdied thirteen of fourteen holes but these scores were overshadowed by the events on the par three eight.’
    • ‘Imagine if you put fourteen artists from seven different countries in a room together.’
    • ‘The graveyard consists of twenty rows with fourteen and a half lots in each row, room for more than a thousand burials.’
    • ‘There are fourteen contributors, and thirteen admit to an ongoing full or part time academic appointment.’
    • ‘Jepson claims the service will charge a twenty-five cent connection fee for each call, and seven to fourteen cents per minute.’
    • ‘It is a four-mile permanent road course with fourteen turns outlined by seven miles of access road on 626 acres of land.’
    • ‘All thirteen girls and fourteen boys raced each other once Mr. Fleur blew his whistle.’
    • ‘The work, mostly painting, tends towards the abstract and each is a series of seven, fourteen or ten.’
    • ‘In the past month, US pilots have struck from seven to fourteen targets a week.’
    • ‘Joy says a reasonable guide is to use the drugs as directed, for seven to fourteen days.’
    • ‘The technique was tried in fourteen patients, and seven patients were controls.’
    • ‘The graves were well made of round limestone, they were about four feet long, one foot wide and about fourteen inches deep.’
    • ‘Plus, after nearly fourteen months of untroubled service, I'm finally getting tired of this design.’
    • ‘The trip took nearly fourteen hours, but it now takes less than five hours by bus or train.’
    • ‘Compiled by a group of US foreign policy experts, the programme included fourteen different points.’
    1. 1.1A size of garment or other merchandise denoted by fourteen.
      • ‘By 9: 00 I'd had enough and turned it off - before I shoved my size fourteens through the cathode.’
    2. 1.2Fourteen years old.
      ‘he left school at fourteen’
      • ‘Born in 1921, into a family of nine, Jimmy started work at the age of fourteen with Waterford County Council.’
      • ‘Sharon made her first trip stateside at the tender age of fourteen, as part of a group of traditional musicians from Dublin and Clare.’
      • ‘She had emigrated from Germany to America at the age of fourteen.’
      • ‘In 1901 the school leaving age was set at fourteen, but in 1944 it was raised to fifteen.’
      • ‘I think the important lessons of our life occur between the ages fourteen and nineteen.’
      • ‘The Jamaican youngster loved to read, but was forced to leave school in 1901 at the age of fourteen.’
      • ‘She looked after her father and brothers from the age of fourteen on the untimely death of her mother.’
      • ‘It was necessary to field a young team of juveniles with players under fourteen years of age.’
      • ‘I'm just afraid they'll get flamed because I wrote them when I was thirteen and fourteen.’
      • ‘While she might have indeed been sixteen years old, she could have easily passed for fourteen or even thirteen.’
      • ‘When she was thirteen or fourteen, she wandered into the town museum and spotted the pendant in the crystal ball.’
      • ‘He looked hardly more than a child to me, maybe thirteen or fourteen.’
      • ‘Finally when you were about thirteen or fourteen, you were brought back to the Palace for a while.’
      • ‘I was fourteen and she was seven and we were both awestruck by the large house by the shimmering lake.’
      • ‘She looked perhaps thirteen or fourteen, sitting on a bench with her knees drawn up under her chin.’
      • ‘They wear three braids when they are thirteen or fourteen, and five braids at the age of fifteen or sixteen.’
      • ‘At age thirteen or fourteen New Zealand players go to Australia and compete well, but then the gap starts to widen.’
      • ‘Education is free and compulsory between ages seven and fourteen.’
      • ‘She had been a tender fourteen, and the other girl was nearing sixteen.’
      • ‘Only fourteen then, she was now up for parole, having been, as they say, a model prisoner.’



/ˌfôrˈtēn/ /ˌfɔrˈtin/ /ˈfôrˌtēn/ /ˈfɔrˌtin/


Old English fēowertīene(see four, -teen).