Definition of fowl plague in English:

fowl plague


  • An acute and often fatal infectious viral disease of birds, especially poultry.

    ‘The fowl plague virus strain ‘Rostock’ has been grown in monolayer tissue cultures of macrophages.’
    • ‘It is very similar to, for example, atypical fowl plague, also known as Newcastle disease.’
    • ‘In Japan, avian influenza caused by subtypes H5 or H7 are considered to be fowl plague regardless of their pathogenity because there is the possibility of future mutation of the pathogenesis.’
    • ‘Said mutants are immunogenic, or at least non-pathogenic in contrast to the wild-type strain of the fowl plague virus.’
    • ‘Another point at issue this time was introduction of a new concept with respect to both BSE and fowl plague, by which each processing facility will be recognized clean of the diseases if they are under specific sanitary control practices by the enterprise concerned.’
    • ‘Avian influenza, or fowl plague, is a potentially devastating disease, predominantly of chickens and turkeys, although the virus can also affect game birds (pheasants, partridge and quail), ratites (ostrich and emu), psittacine and passerine birds.’


fowl plague

/foul plāɡ/ /faʊl pleɪɡ/