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nounplural noun fracases

  • A noisy disturbance or quarrel.

    ‘the fracas was broken up by stewards’
    • ‘There were fights and fracas where I saw guns, knives, baseball bats and the rest, but nothing I couldn't handle.’
    • ‘During the fracas, a single gun shot was fired leaving a 24-year-old man wounded..’
    • ‘Fowler also suffered a suspected broken nose in April 1999 during a fracas outside a Liverpool hotel.’
    • ‘A chef on trial for killing a man in a fracas outside a pub told the jury yesterday he had just been trying to defend himself from a group of people who had set on him.’
    • ‘The fracas over his cabinet appointments provides further evidence of a style of leadership that could be described as detached at best.’
    • ‘Three men were injured in the fracas and were in hospital.’
    • ‘The fracas is typical of the miniscule Liberal Party, which has been mired in internal disputes for seven years.’
    • ‘Gardaí said they are not treating the death as suspicious as it is not believed her death was directly linked to the fracas.’
    • ‘The full video of the fracas was shown and all of the personnel caught on camera making physical contact were identified.’
    • ‘She suffered a suspected fractured cheekbone and claimed to have had blurred vision and numbness in her face following the fracas.’
    • ‘A cocaine dealer who got into the trade to make easy money was caught after he got involved in a drunken fracas outside a nightclub.’
    • ‘The fracas, in which punches were traded and others were knocked to the ground, lasted about four minutes.’
    • ‘His friend was also treated for minor injuries after he was knocked to the floor during the fracas and has been discharged from hospital.’
    • ‘Apparently knives and shotguns had just been wielded during a fracas in the bar and the local constabulary were called in to help out.’
    • ‘Spectators who witnessed the fracas summoned police who arrived within minutes to find the incident had fizzled out.’
    • ‘That doesn't excuse the initial actions of the players, but the whole thing had a really ugly aspect to it in terms of the number of people involved and the different little fracases that went on.’
    • ‘There seem to be as many holiday season fracases as there are courthouse lawns, town squares, schools, and other public spaces.’
    • ‘Altogether, his response in this incident - tempered in comparison with other fracases he's been involved in - was very much in line with public opinion.’
    • ‘The fracas seems to be primarily the work of one person, presuming to speak for the entire class, when in fact he spoke only for himself.’
    • ‘My life was a series of fracases; every day brought a new knee jerk re-action and after a few months I left for Paris.’
    disturbance, quarrel, scuffle, brawl, affray, tussle, melee, free-for-all, fight, clash, skirmish, brouhaha, riot, uproar, commotion
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/ˈfrākəs/ /ˈfreɪkəs/ /ˈfrakəs/ /ˈfrækəs/


Early 18th century French, from fracasser, from Italian fracassare ‘make an uproar’.