Definition of frag in English:


Pronunciation /fraɡ/ /fræɡ/


military slang North American
  • A hand grenade.

    ‘Releasing his grip, he pulled the pin on a frag grenade and dropped it into the cockpit.’
    • ‘Possibly the worst example was when I told my colleagues to throw a frag grenade into a room.’
    • ‘In fact, there aren't really any offensive grenades like a frag grenade available.’
    • ‘Outside one residence, a member of the squad lobs a frag grenade over the wall.’
    • ‘Who would have thought a frag would ever change?’
    • ‘Sundry other items that bolster the player's chance of survival have also been slated for inclusion, such as smoke, frag and teargas grenades.’
    • ‘Sure I suffered the occasional guilty flashback, most notably during my Israeli army days, when I got to play with real fireworks - RPGs, frags, Bangalore mines and even bazookas.’
    • ‘If we do enough clearing rooms, if we have to take over and clear rooms, you guys are throwing a frag in every room we come to.’
    • ‘All the Army had to do was toss a frag down that spider hole and this would have been over.’
    • ‘White phosphor, frags, gas… they were all in there.’
    • ‘Then I grab my belt and stock it with clips, a SPP 9mm, five grenades, three frag and 2 smoke, and thermacharge.’
    • ‘So the entire world pretty much doesn't care if they fight every day, just as long as the frag count for each side doesn't become too lopsided or uneven.’
    • ‘It'd be impossible to get in with mere frag grenades or bullets.’
    • ‘You'll be armed with a rifle, frag grenades, and mines, with the ability to use motion sensors and electromagnetic detection goggles.’
    • ‘He put two frag grenades, two smoke grenades and two chaff grenades into their respective compartments.’

transitive verbfrags, fragging, fragged

[with object]military slang North American
  • Deliberately kill (an unpopular senior officer) with a hand grenade.

    ‘The end result is always disintegration and defeat; troops have not yet started fragging their officers, the suicide rate among them is already exceptionally high.’
    • ‘It is unremarkable that in excess of 1,000 officers and NCOs were fragged.’
    • ‘Later, we learned that the explosions were so close that the concussion shook their aircraft, but they were not fragged.’
    • ‘The US Army was collapsing, drug use exploding, combat refusals rife, fragging (the murder of officers and senior NCO's) common.’
    • ‘Although records are incomplete, the rate of such incidents was relatively low until the Vietnam War, when fragging increased dramatically.’
    • ‘Sometimes even generals have to frag their superiors, if their superiors obviously are going to lead them to disaster, but they can enforce change without upsetting political appearances.’
    • ‘Telling them they have been lied to and mistreated is to ask them to frag their leaders; you are traitors to them and their leaders for engaging in this irresponsible speech.’
    • ‘The media was full of news of drugs, the fragging of officers and of unready forces around the world.’
    • ‘The intended victim of a fragging was sometimes given warnings, of which the first might be a grenade pin on the sheet of the victim, and later on, a tear gas grenade.’


1970s from fragmentation bomb.