Definition of Fräulein in English:



  • A title or form of address for an unmarried German-speaking woman, especially a young woman.

    ‘Fräulein Winkelmann’
    • ‘It was hard to tell these days when a lady was a Fräulein or a Frau.’
    • ‘Then she wondered, why did people always have to question her to ask if she was a Fräulein of a Frau?’
    • ‘Ordinarily, the girls present would have no interest in such stories, but Fräulein Eva was gifted, and wove wonderful images through the thoughts of her audience.’
    • ‘No, no, your secret's quite safe with Fräulein Steinberg and me.’
    • ‘The other person in constant attendance was Fräulein Lehzen, brought over as governess and companion from Hanover when the princess was 6 months old.’
    • ‘I find it ironic, though, that as a child I had never tired of hearing Fräulein Eva's tales of Siegfred the great warrior.’
    • ‘I spotted Walter and Frederich and their gang, and in the distance I noticed Fräulein Eva also moving with us.’
    young woman, young lady, miss



/ˈfroilīn/ /ˈfrɔɪlaɪn/


German, diminutive of Frau.