Definition of freeborn in English:



  • Not born in slavery.

    ‘an encroachment on the rights of the freeborn Englishman’
    • ‘It espoused ideas of the freeborn Englishman resisting the arbitrary powers of his masters and praying in his nonconformist chapel.’
    • ‘In it, he raged against the loss of liberty that the industrial revolution and interfering government had imposed on the freeborn citizens of Albion.’
    • ‘Schomburg was born on 24 January 1874 to an unwed freeborn mulatta, Maria Josepha, in Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, and raised in Puerto Rico by his mother's family.’
    • ‘Among the free, the category of citizen was the largest, as it comprised both freeborn citizens and those who were freed slaves (libertini).’
    • ‘The defence of liberty was a potent rallying call against foreign enemies, but it also made freeborn Britons sensitive to the actions of their own government.’
    • ‘Henry VII's belated sale of charters, granting whole communities in north Wales the status of freeborn Englishmen, anticipated the more general emancipation of the Welsh in 1536.’
    • ‘Literary sources indicate the existence in fourth-century Sparta of a group known as ‘Inferiors’, and impoverished freeborn Spartiates may have been so categorized.’
    • ‘The Levellers held themselves to be freeborn Englishmen, entitled to the protection of a natural law of human rights which they believed to originate in the will of God - rights vested in the people to whom alone true sovereignty belonged.’
    • ‘The Englishman's home is his castle is a saying that therefore encapsulates not just the right of a freeborn Englishman to privacy and freedom from state interference but also his status within the family.’
    • ‘After all, freeborn Englishmen, headed by Wat Tyler, had rebelled against a poll tax back in 1381, and the memory of it remained in popular legend.’
    • ‘Yet most art production in the Roman world was relegated to slaves and foreigners whether freeborn or slaves.’
    • ‘It is precisely his tria nomina that signals unambiguously that he is a Roman citizen, whether freed or freeborn (slaves had only one name).’
    • ‘They are exclusively Scandinavian in origin and formed a standard part of the dress of freeborn Norse women, and would therefore have been brought over to England from Scandinavia.’
    • ‘The first chapter follows Prince, a freeborn black American, on a nine-year sojourn in Russia, involvement in the Boston Female Antislavery Society, and benevolent labor in post-Emancipation Jamaica.’
    • ‘DuBois wrote, ‘We claim for ourselves every single right that belongs to a freeborn American, political, civil and social.’’
    • ‘Whether he be freeborn or a freed slave, Atistia's husband unambiguously constructs his identity, as well as his wife's identity, more generally as a Roman citizen on the monument's eastern facade.’
    • ‘Is it not possible that at least some of the anonymous or undesignated family funerary portraits depict the unmarked yet numerous freeborn individuals who have virtually disappeared from scholarly notice?’
    • ‘Although she is freeborn, Alice forfeits her freedom by assisting her enslaved lover's thwarted escape.’
    • ‘The flashy intellectual brilliance of Fox is no match for the wisdom of ages, the common sense of the freeborn Englishman.’
    • ‘Overall, the result of the war was the ascension of England to world-power status, a victory in which the colonists shared and which enhanced their own self-image as freeborn Englishmen.’