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  • A person who works freelance.

    ‘It is also assumed here that in contrast to permanent employees, freelancers cannot usually perform other tasks during the waiting period.’
    • ‘Even now, we are a staff of only eight full-time people, with many freelancers and commission-based salespeople.’
    • ‘The first are freelancers, mostly architects, dentists and notaries.’
    • ‘Employers like freelancers as they avoid the extra expense of pension contributions, sick pay and national insurance.’
    • ‘Of course, broke freelancers or young writers struggling for a first publication credit are prone to doing what they have to do to get in print and get some payment.’
    • ‘Editors and other freelancers prefer to charge by the hour, while many companies and individuals hiring us prefer to pay a flat rate.’
    • ‘Most of the working journalists, except freelancers, just stopped by for select sessions.’
    • ‘More new designs from freelancers will be introduced in the coming months.’
    • ‘She is beginning her career as a freelancer, having designed one restaurant logo and a friend's album.’
    • ‘We drank tea and chatted and I was so pleased to see that she is really excited about her new life as a design freelancer.’
    • ‘The company has only 20 full-time employees, and a tight network of freelancers and contractors.’
    • ‘The team is also joined by several freelancers like a musician, sound maker and illustrator.’
    • ‘Writers, artists and other kinds of freelancers get burned by this, one way or the other, no matter what they do.’
    • ‘Over time, the game industry will likely adopt a movie-style production approach of per-project contracted freelancers.’
    • ‘The company roster includes about 100 full-time workers and 40 freelancers.’
    • ‘Even better, its employees and freelancers confer more often, allowing them to work faster and more efficiently.’
    • ‘But managing an office of freelancers is not like running a traditional workplace.’
    • ‘The artists and freelancers were respectively paid a salary or per-project fees.’
    • ‘Prior to that, he had some print experience as a freelancer.’
    • ‘My role is mainly as a trusted freelancer who can get certain tasks accomplished and who is called in for certain jobs because of pre-defined agreements.’
    writer, feature writer, columnist, correspondent, reporter, journalist, penman



/ˈfrēˌlansər/ /ˈfriˌlænsər/