Definition of French knot in English:

French knot


  • (in embroidery) a stitch in which the thread is wound around the needle, which is then passed back through the fabric at almost the same point to form a small dot.

    • ‘To make each cat eye, use two strands of yellow floss to stitch a French knot.’
    • ‘Another alternative to the French knot is the Colonial knot, which is often used in candlewicking.’
    • ‘Make these petals all around the French knot and you will have created a ‘lazy daisy.’’
    • ‘To make a French knot, bring your needle and thread up through the fabric where the knot belongs.’
    • ‘However, a poodle in French knots will look a look a lot better than a poodle in Scotch stitch!’
    • ‘Create a small rosette by making a French knot and circling it with chain-stitch rows.’
    • ‘I have read that it is slightly bigger than the French knot but I couldn't see any difference when I stitched them.’
    • ‘Each scene in the quilt is created with punch needle embroidery, machine embroidery, French knots and silk ribbons.’
    • ‘The tail on the back is lots and lots of little French knots, which I mastered after embroidering a sheep on a bag for my mom.’
    • ‘Made in a cotton/linen mix, the white background has a concentration of embroidered raspberry French knots with blue in the centre, which gradually fades to the edges.’
    • ‘The effect is very similar except that the Colonial knot is generally slightly higher and larger than a French knot.’
    • ‘From this point, the colonial knot is exactly like the French knot.’