Definition of French vermouth in English:

French vermouth


  • Dry vermouth.

    ‘You can swap the sherry for dry white French vermouth and the brandy for Grand Marnier or Cointreau, if that's what you've got.’
    • ‘Also on the cocktail menu is a French Martini (Citadelle gin and French vermouth) garnished with a pickled green bean.’
    • ‘Dry white French vermouth, such as Noilly Prat, is particularly useful: you can usually use it where a recipe calls for white wine, but its shelf life is limited, like fino and manzanilla.’
    • ‘Dry vermouth, also referred to as French vermouth, has a pale gold color and a touch of sugar.’
    • ‘Fill a glass with cracked ice and add French vermouth.’
    • ‘The former is often referred to in older cocktail manuals as French vermouth, while the latter is called Italian vermouth - but the two are now manufactured all over the world and the distinctions no longer apply.’


French vermouth

/frenCH vərˈmo͞oTH/ /frɛntʃ vərˈmuθ/