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  • Wildly excited or uncontrolled.

    ‘a frenzied attack’
    • ‘We took our seats and tried to make sense of the frenzied activity and furious number calling all around us.’
    • ‘Thus they began to reap the rewards of a year of desperate, frenzied activity.’
    • ‘As they questioned the Algerian fugitive, another man who was in the flat launched a frenzied attack with a kitchen knife.’
    • ‘Clubs and tournaments are springing up everywhere, but nowhere is the activity more frenzied than on the internet.’
    • ‘A major inquiry is to be launched into how a psychiatric patient killed a grandfather in a frenzied attack.’
    • ‘The greyhound, which appeared as Jessie in the hit film, was badly injured in a frenzied attack by a pit bull terrier.’
    • ‘It was only the start of a day of frenzied police activity across London.’
    • ‘The tribesmen were all bunched together in clumps, and they too seemed frenzied with excitement.’
    • ‘When not on campaign, he fluctuated between frenzied activity and languid repose.’
    • ‘Gail was becoming frenzied and was attacking randomly in the hope that he would get lucky.’
    • ‘It's a frantic, frenzied melee, something I imagine a planet collapsing in on itself might sound like.’
    • ‘The songs are frequently manic and frenzied but just before you burn out they slow down and become melodious.’
    • ‘The frenzied stage show is more manic than a Hollywood depiction of a psychiatric ward.’
    • ‘On Monday, after a frenzied period of work, a third of the speed restrictions will be lifted as quickly as they were put in place.’
    • ‘In false military dress, Garlin had the crowd frenzied with a great performance.’
    • ‘As we go to press, media interest in him is little short of frenzied.’
    • ‘Let me stop here, before this devolves into another frenzied and unfounded rant.’
    • ‘But in the frenzied world of speed dating it's all you've got before crunch time.’
    • ‘This level of formal, constricted thought is liable to get more relaxed people whipped up into a frenzied rage.’
    • ‘But in those who have seen it, Pop Idol seems to have aroused a frenzied passion.’
    frantic, wild, frenetic, hectic, fraught, feverish, fevered, mad, crazed, manic, hyperactive, energetic, intense, furious, fast and furious, turbulent, tumultuous, confused, confusing
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/ˈfrenzēd/ /ˈfrɛnzid/