Definition of friarbird in English:



  • A large Australasian honeyeater with a dark, partly naked head and a long curved bill.

    Genus Philemon, family Meliphagidae: many species

    ‘The gray bird perched on the same dead limb that the raptor and the friarbirds had visited, and it flicked its wings as it sat there.’
    • ‘By now I've learned their loud call, which at first I thought must belong to a friarbird.’
    • ‘Common hosts are friarbirds, the magpie-lark, and figbirds.’
    • ‘However, he said noisy friarbirds, also known as leatherheads, had caused havoc this year.’
    • ‘There was a macramé hanging basket on the back veranda and the friarbirds were picking at the wool to line their nest.’
    • ‘Its golden-green upperparts and pure white underbody distinguish it from similarly sized species with similar behaviour, such as friarbirds, wattlebirds and miners.’
    • ‘The bare-faced friarbirds are among these forest species.’
    • ‘They will readily refurbish the nests of mudlarks and friarbirds.’
    • ‘The friarbirds, commonly called ‘leatherhead’ locally, are honeyeaters with dark naked skin on their heads.’
    • ‘The nearby forests are home to a wide variety of species including three species of friarbirds.’



/ˈfrīərˌbərd/ /ˈfraɪərˌbərd/