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frigate bird

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  • A predatory tropical seabird with dark plumage, long narrow wings, a deeply forked tail, and a long hooked bill.

    Also called "man-o'-war bird" (see man-of-war)

    Family Fregatidae and genus Fregata: five species

    ‘The frigate bird waits on high and swoops when it spots a booby bird returning from sea with fish in its crop.’
    • ‘The primary symbol of the republic is the flag, which depicts a frigate bird over an ocean sunrise.’
    • ‘Other birds on the island include boobies, fairy terns, frigate birds, and a good-sized population of friendly ground doves, a species classed as internationally vulnerable.’
    • ‘You'll also find 200 pairs of magnificent frigate birds.’
    • ‘From our anchorages, we launch two double kayaks and paddle in close to explore the cactus-studded cliffs, secluded beaches, and nesting places of pelicans, herons, and frigate birds.’
    • ‘The only inhabitants are pelicans, frigate birds, a few iguanas, bees and bugs, eagles and goats.’
    • ‘Ashore, nesting blue-footed boobies and frigate birds stare at you impassively, while prehistoric-looking iguanas sprawl on black reefs, motionless save for their impressive acts of spitting.’
    • ‘From the boat we've already seen amazing sealife: red-footed boobies, frigate birds, iguanas, crocodiles, mahimahi, flying fish.’
    • ‘Right out to sea, far beyond the edge of the reef and turquoise sandy patches, three frigate birds circled with malicious intent, no doubt with better vision than mine, to spot bait fish, driven up to the surface by huge predators.’
    • ‘The mangroves in Codrington Lagoon are home to the world's largest colony of frigate birds, perhaps 10,000 in all, carefully protected by local residents.’
    • ‘Elegant frigate birds soar high overhead, sea lions bark from their crowded rock perches, and schools of angelfish swarm beneath your bow.’
    • ‘Great scores of frigate birds patrol overhead.’
    • ‘Lydia is one of the first four Christmas Island frigate birds to be fitted with satellite tracking devices.’
    • ‘This frigate bird was rescued from the Queen of Prince Rupert ferry after being blown off course by a storm.’
    • ‘Enter a forest of Optuntia cactus and mangroves where colonies of great frigate birds nest.’
    • ‘Great frigate birds, red-footed boobies, swallow-tailed gulls and storm petrels all breed here by the thousands.’
    • ‘The male frigate bird has a unique adaptation to attract females, a red neck pouch that can be inflated like a balloon.’
    • ‘What makes these frigate birds so neat is they are really a tropical species and are at their northern limits here, yet they breed in abundance at the refuge.’
    • ‘As for me, I think frigate birds are cool, and I want to be more like them.’
    • ‘One of the frigate birds grabbed the fish in midair and the two flew off.’


frigate bird

/ˈfriɡit ˌbərd/ /ˈfrɪɡɪt ˌbərd/