Definition of frilled lizard in English:

frilled lizard


(also frill-necked lizard)
  • A large northern Australian lizard with a membrane around the neck that can be erected to form a ruff for defensive display. When disturbed, it runs away on its hind legs.

    Chlamydosaurus kingii, family Agamidae

    ‘Frilled lizards, owls, cockatoos, and parrots lived in cages around him.’
    • ‘The frilled lizard lives in the subhumid to semi-arid grassy woodlands.’
    • ‘We also have bandicoots, goannas, wallabies, pademelons, frill-necked lizards, possums and more.’
    • ‘When a enemy comes up to the frilled lizard, it puts out the frill which scares the enemy away.’
    • ‘After mating with a male frilled lizard in September, the female lays up to 23 tiny eggs.’
    • ‘The frilled lizard lays between 8 and 14 eggs, which are laid at the beginning of the wet season.’
    • ‘It is recommended for turtles, monitors, bearded dragons, diamond pythons, frilled lizards and other species.’
    • ‘The purist may point out that frilled lizards don't live in the woods.’
    • ‘This plastic frilled lizard is great for school projects, toys, novelties, animal collections, party favors and more.’
    • ‘In some areas, land clearing and the introduction of cats have caused frilled lizard numbers to decline.’
    • ‘In a striking display of defiance, the frilled lizard opens its mouth, causing its frill, which usually lies flat against its neck, to flare out menacingly.’
    • ‘It was like watching frill-necked lizards on the Discovery Channel; they'd spit at each other, their eyes would swell up out of their heads, usually someone would vomit on someone else.’
    • ‘Undoubtedly, one of the quirkiest sights in nature is the gangly retreat of an Australian frilled lizard.’
    • ‘The condition is usually seen on the head, extremities, lateral body wall, and, in frilled lizards, at the edge of the frill.’
    • ‘The colour of the lizard matches the land on which it lives, so a frilled lizard from one region may be brighter than another.’
    • ‘The frill-necked lizard, for example, was called Gundamen, and his odd appearance was said to be the result of punishment by the tribal elders.’
    • ‘In real life, Boga resembles a wide variety of reptiles including iguanas, geckos, Komodo Dragons, regal horned lizards, frilled lizards, and even prehistoric dinosaurs.’
    • ‘‘I can thank the school janitor who took time to show us the lizards, frill-necked lizards and lace monitors in the school grounds,’ he said.’
    • ‘James Smith says he has fed blended cane toad skins to goannas, frill-necked lizards and saltwater crocodiles as part of his PhD study.’
    • ‘The Mascot for the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games was Lizzie, the frill-necked lizard.’


frilled lizard

/frild ˈlizərd/ /frɪld ˈlɪzərd/