Definition of from dawn to dusk in English:

from dawn to dusk


  • All day; ceaselessly.

    ‘day after day from dawn to dusk, they drove those loaded canoes’
    • ‘The chickens at our sanctuary are outside from dawn to dusk, spending much of their time foraging for greens and insects.’
    • ‘Kids no longer have to till fields from dawn to dusk or toil in sooty factories.’
    • ‘Beautiful gardens open from dawn to dusk and a collection of romantic paintings inside provide the perfect combination for a day's relaxation.’
    • ‘Seventy years ago, almost 90 per cent of the working population did physical work from dawn to dusk and had what we would call a very healthy lifestyle.’
    • ‘Palermo harbor was jammed with shipping and we maintained four or six ship patrols over the area from dawn to dusk, but the enemy air raids usually came after dark.’
    • ‘Himself and his wife, still living in relative poverty, they worked the land from dawn to dusk but refused to spend much of the proceeds on themselves.’
    • ‘The refuge is open year-round from dawn to dusk and entrance is free.’
    • ‘Ironically, Terri thinks he's ‘the most boring person alive’ because he works from dawn to dusk, day in, day out.’
    • ‘Ramadan, a month of fasting from dawn to dusk, occurs in early January.’
    • ‘If we slackened the pace for the rest of the year and didn't feel this pressing need to toil from dawn to dusk, we would be altogether calmer when our holidays came around.’
    • ‘This public space remains open from dawn to dusk, lit by a glass roof.’
    • ‘Their smiles are ever ready and brilliant, which is such a pleasure when what you have become used to up north are scowls and frowns from dawn to dusk.’
    • ‘In this program they painted from dawn to dusk, and Jesse said it was the best educational experience of his life.’
    • ‘Life is one unending grind from dawn to dusk, and dust to dust.’
    • ‘Once bought, the children are imprisoned and forced to work from dawn to dusk by their modern-day slave masters.’
    • ‘He walked from dawn to dusk, stopping only to refill his water pouch at nearby streams or to eat a quick lunch.’
    • ‘The Waite Arboretum is off Fullarton Road at Netherby and is open from dawn to dusk - seven days a week.’
    • ‘Aspiring musicians can practice their finger work from dawn to dusk with activities throughout the day.’
    • ‘She would sit in this courtyard from dawn to dusk, taking in everything about it.’
    • ‘They practiced in his garage from dawn to dusk, but rarely ever made actual songs.’