Definition of from top to toe in English:

from top to toe


  • All over.

    ‘she seemed to glow from top to toe’
    • ‘In fact, feet are just one of the problem areas we'll be looking at in detail, providing help and advice with a health and beauty regime that will work for you, from top to toe.’
    • ‘You leave feeling as if every part of your body has been pampered - you're invigorated from top to toe.’
    • ‘So, kitted out from top to toe in newly acquired and neatly pressed blue linen, I listened to her praise western civilization and the red-brick building that housed its published works.’
    • ‘Three days later, Thorn was bruised from top to toe.’
    • ‘Having chosen your oil, you are laid out over a series of hot stones, massaged from top to toe, and back again.’
    • ‘Michael's gaze seemed desperate as he stood trembling from top to toe.’
    • ‘We were absolutely filthy and covered from top to toe with red dust.’
    • ‘The Russian doctors really put me through the mill, examining me from top to toe.’
    • ‘This involved sitting in a heated seawater bath while jets massaged her body from top to toe.’
    • ‘Dressed in black from top to toe, he felt his age in the end, though, and literally ran out of puff.’