Definition of frondeur in English:



  • A political rebel.

    • ‘His decision horrified former frondeurs like Jean Le Boindre, who wrote that as ‘the French had changed their laws and their monarchy, they might as well change their name’.’
    • ‘The early frondeurs used slings to shoot stones through the windows of government supporters.’
    • ‘Out of patience with the mid-90s rightwing frondeurs, he was a loyal government member who got on with his job.’
    • ‘He is doing very well and all the frondeurs are shivering in their shoes.’
    • ‘These were the ‘philosophical circle’ and the ‘political circle,’ amicably decried by each other as ‘German sentimentalists’ and ‘French frondeurs.’’
    nihilist, insurgent, agitator, subversive, guerrilla, terrorist, bioterrorist, narco-terrorist, ecoterrorist, cyberterrorist, agroterrorist, freedom fighter, resistance fighter, rebel, revolutionary, revolutionist, Bolshevik, mutineer


French, literally ‘slinger’, used to denote a rebel taking part in the Fronde.



/frɒnˈdəː/ /fʀɔndœʀ/