Definition of frottola in English:


nounplural noun frottole/ˈfrätl-ā/

  • A form of Italian comic or amorous song, especially from the 15th and 16th centuries.

    ‘The student will have learned that during this period, four-part frottole, chanson, and lieder are often performed as voice and lute duets.’
    • ‘The next evolutionary step was the Neapolitan villanella, which differed from the frottola in being unaccompanied.’
    • ‘The melodic line of the typical frottola has small range and many repeated notes.’
    • ‘Some of the frottole were printed with text in all vopices, suggesting fully vocal performance, a previously unknown practice in Italian Renaissance music.’
    • ‘He remained in business for the next twenty years, printing volumes of French chansons, Italian frottole, and Latin masses and motets.’



/ˈfrädələ/ /ˈfrɑdələ/


Italian, literally ‘fib, tall story’.