Definition of frowst in English:



informal in singular
  • A warm, stuffy atmosphere in a room.

    ‘The sleepy old man of Winter made frowst and fuddle, curled up in shaggy fleecy December pelts: a vast apathy held me safe and warm.’


[no object]informal
  • Lounge about in a warm, stuffy atmosphere.

    ‘don't frowst by the fire all day’
    • ‘In ‘pushing the envelope’ the game is to see how many more minutes of frowsting can be done without the boss coming down on you for being late.’
    • ‘Whilst frowsting in this refuge, I used to read the files on those boys, senior to me, who had been sent for to fill in their career forms.’
    • ‘There should be a healthy balance between exercise (mental and physical) and recreational frowsting.’
    • ‘I can't even imagine how I ended up there when I should have been frowsting in a cafe on the Kurfurstendam, having a coffee and a bratwurst and keeping myself warm.’
    • ‘Five things were important in trench warfare, Orwell acknowledged as he frowsted in his dug-out high on the hills of the Aragon Front in early 1937: firewood, food, tobacco, candles and - a very bad fifth - the enemy.’


Late 19th century back-formation from frowsty.