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  • 1A cake containing dried fruit and nuts.

    ‘Both staff and residents alike enjoyed a sample of the tier of the wedding cake which was a rich fruit cake.’
    • ‘When Donna graduated from college, she became a food stylist at a time when a sheaf of wheat, a spray of carnations and a patterned plate were required to accessorise a fruit cake for photography.’
    • ‘By the way, a bite of the pretty white cake made me not want to eat any more sweet stuff on Christmas day, I ate my fruit cake on the next day.’
    • ‘I pulled ours out yesterday to make a rich fruit cake and opened it with a small ‘pop’ - and then noticed a best before date of June 2001.’
    • ‘Meanwhile food of the period was being cooked over open fires with a rabbit being broiled and a boiled bag pudding rather like a fruit cake being prepared.’
    • ‘One of the older girls had made tea, and now she brought this in, together with the rich fruit cake on a plate.’
    • ‘The place where we go to makes all their own cake on the premises and I rather like the fruit cake.’
    • ‘We had small slices of fruit cake and cheesecake (that's my guess), and lemon cookies with lemon curd.’
    • ‘Black cake is Guyanese fruit cake, usually made at Christmas or for weddings.’
    • ‘Generally speaking, I prefer brown to white sugars in dense, rich fruit cake like this.’
    • ‘The little fellow finally looked at the owner of the fruit cake and says: ‘You know, I think the customs officers going to take the cake away from you when you land you know.’’
    • ‘Be glad that he isn't down here or you might be force-fed the fruit cake that Gram brought from her friend in Tampa.’
    • ‘From the humble beginnings of learning to make a fruit cake in July 2001, students at the Bakery Project have since learned to concoct 13 delicious recipes.’
    • ‘In the baking section there is the Powers Gold Label qualifier and National Dairy Council competition and the competition for the best fruit cake.’
    • ‘During the war years, Auntie Flo always sent food in the Bundles for Britain from America and we had a tinned fruit cake, a much appreciated novelty.’
    • ‘Ryan helped himself to a slice of a solid fruit cake.’
    • ‘Furious with herself, she cut into the fruit cake, watching steam rise from its centre, and placed a comfortingly large slice on his plate.’
    • ‘Icelandic fruit cake is served at Christmas, and eating it is perceived as a special holiday ritual.’
    • ‘We rely on voluntary assistance and Mary has provided some great scones, fruit cake and plenty of cups of tea for us.’
    • ‘These mini fruit cakes are rich and moist with either hand iced or a screen printed finish.’
    1. 1.1 informal An eccentric or insane person.
      • ‘Will you meet nutcases and fruitcakes in your travels?’
      • ‘That he was loathsome, a complete fruitcake, and madman is well known.’
      • ‘A while ago I suggested that it would be a good idea for Americans if they were to hive off a part of the country I call the ‘axis of stupidity’, and let all the fruitcakes who have been dragging the whole country down go live there.’
      • ‘We will not try for ‘balance’ by hiring fruitcakes; we will try for balance by hiring non-ideologues who have carefully thought through the issues.’
      • ‘Being a studio picture, this is only the beginning, and we are taken on a ridiculous and unbelievable journey through the kind of paranormal world that only unbalanced fruitcakes could possibly relate too.’
      • ‘Just to be clear, we are looking into a way to bring back comments under a registration system that will ensure that we can manage the debate environment in order to keep out timewasters and fruitcakes and the rest.’
      • ‘It does not mean that ALL smokers are fruitcakes.’
      • ‘Before you accuse the chefs of being fruitcakes for starting so well ahead of Christmas, remember that this cake, like wine, gets better with time.’
      • ‘And if there is one consolation to spending a fortnight stuck in the jungle with an assortment of fruitcakes, it is that the experience makes you feel quite sane.’
      • ‘The title character's, perhaps, a little less nutty than the rest of the fruitcakes, but it's a close call.’
      • ‘Good to see that even the fruitcakes are now identifying the real enemy of civilization.’
      • ‘I thought he was a bit of a fruitcake or an odd fish.’
      • ‘Did I mention that guy from Quebec is a fruitcake?’
      • ‘The fruitcake must live in alternate reality.’
      • ‘As I write this, the police are looking for some creep who murdered an innocent young woman, apparently at random and without any motivation except that he's a fruitcake.’
      • ‘In kind, if I proclaim on a street corner that a certain Japanese beetle in my back garden is the new Messiah, you are also within your rights to ridicule me as a fruitcake.’
      • ‘If he really was just a fruitcake (that's how they'll try to portray him) they wouldn't pay any attention to him.’
      • ‘So they tracked him down, and he said, Oh, no, she's a fruitcake, she's made it all up, which drove my family and friends crazy.’
      • ‘Anyone who thinks that these folks are part of some common ‘network’ is just a fruitcake.’
      • ‘He was accused of lying, sleeping with young boys and being a fruitcake.’



/ˈfro͞otkāk/ /ˈfrutkeɪk/