Definición de fruticose en Inglés


Pronunciación /ˈfro͞odəkōs/ /ˈfrudəkoʊs/


  • (of a lichen) having upright or pendulous branches.

    ‘This tome includes detailed entries on more than 800 foliose, fruticose, and crustose lichens; essays on the biology, structure, uses, and ecological significance of these plants; and hundreds of color photographs.’
    • ‘Examples of fruticose microlichens include Calicium, Chaenotheca, Gyalideopsis, and Microlychnus.’
    • ‘Where thriving foliose and fruticose lichens can be found, the environment is clean and healthy.’
    • ‘In foliose lichens there is a lower cortex and in fruticose lichens the lower cortex is replaced by a central one.’
    • ‘Lichens are traditionally classified into three growth forms: crustose, foliose, and fruticose.’


Mid 17th century from Latin fruticosus, from frutex, frutic- ‘bush, shrub’.