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  • A person who works or fulfills a role for the whole of the usual working day or week; a full-time worker.

    ‘But a recent review showed the need to improve the way assistants and full-timers worked together.’
    • ‘The results have been clear: staff turnover at the hotel, which employs 55 full-timers and 35 part-timers, is now around 40 per cent, having been around 64 per cent a few years ago.’
    • ‘Today, the centre employs a full-timer and 11 part-time staff, and provides studios for 16 artists who make and sell their wares on site, as well as galleries, exhibitions, a mill shop and caf.’
    • ‘Part-time workers are as entitled to holiday pay as full-timers, but there must be lots of employers out there who don't comply.’
    • ‘Patients had brought in many boxes of sweets and biscuits as Christmas gifts for the staff, and my daughter-in-law was horrified to be told by one of the administrative staff that these gifts were only for the full-timers.’
    • ‘‘I am sorry to be losing the staff, both the full-timers and the students, who have all been exceptionally loyal and hard-workers,’ he added.’
    • ‘‘We have a lot of part-timers on call,’ he noted, which can augment the 40 full-timers up to 100 for a big event.’
    • ‘You've got to show the people at the top that you can perform your job with aplomb unmatched by the other entry-level peons - even the full-timers!’
    • ‘But the Cambridge assessment of 16,000 temporary and permanent posts is the equivalent of 6,100 full-timers.’
    • ‘The loss of full-timers who are loyal to their position because they receive living wages and benefits is a threat to bus safety and quality of service.’
    • ‘Some of the regulars are dismissive and civilians don't view them with the same respect as they do the full-timers.’
    • ‘‘No allowances are made at all and I am treated as one of the lads,’ says Hannah, who works as one of the eight retained firefighters but is hoping to become a full-timer soon.’
    • ‘I'd probably even go back to a full-timer at this point… having a double mortgage has that effect on one.’
    • ‘At the same time, part-timers are not accorded the institutional support offered to full-timers, such as participation in professional development activities that might strengthen their teaching.’
    • ‘The major sticking point between the company and the unions is the use of permanent part-time workers, and the ratio of permanent part-timers to permanent full-timers.’
    • ‘It would go a long way toward alleviating the prejudice some full-timers have toward us.’
    • ‘Once full-timers reach the top of the salary schedule for their title, they receive no further step increases.’
    • ‘It will not matter, however, whether the part-timer or the full-timer are working on fixed-term or permanent contracts.’
    • ‘A specialized policy means you're covered whether you're just starting out with a brief trip, or a veteran full-timer pulling all the amenities of home behind you.’
    • ‘Research has revealed that the average tenure for managers is of 5 years, for full-timers it is of 3.5 years and for part-timers it is of 2 years.’



/ˌfo͝olˈtīmər/ /ˌfʊlˈtaɪmər/