Definition of full-court press in English:

full-court press


  • 1Basketball
    A defensive tactic in which members of a team cover their opponents throughout the court and not just near their own basket.

    • ‘Florida needs to be consistently effective with its defense, whether the Gators are squeezing opponents with their full-court press or locking them up in the halfcourt.’
    • ‘By putting on the full-court press, the Cardinals hope to beat out the other teams, and they just might do that.’
    • ‘Next Year's NBA will hum with full-court presses, dead-eye jump-shooting, and endless fast-breaking.’
    • ‘Their well-known full-court press forced the Lions out of their half-court set and limited Lion veteran point man Chou Jung-san to just one lone assist for the game.’
    • ‘He has to implement a halfcourt trap or a full-court press to force an up-tempo game, which could result in a quicker pace and more active players. - Curtis Bunn’
    • ‘Coach Rick Pitino has abandoned his trademark full-court press, challenging his players to do it mane-a-mano.’
    • ‘In Game 3, the Nets did use a double-team against Shaq and employed an effective full-court press.’
    • ‘The one big change under Walker, other than his use of an occasional full-court press, is the trimming of his rotation.’
    • ‘The Bruins' win streak began with the full-court press coach Steve Lavin installed.’
    • ‘The Illini scrambled into a full-court press, and in an instant, Jack Ingram was batting an inbounds pass loose from Arizona's Channing Frye.’
    • ‘At times, the Cowboys are akin to a full-court press with the pressure they bring on offenses.’
    • ‘Asking your starters to full-court press in a season that long is not advisable for a coach trying to keep his team healthy and happy. - Stan McNeal’
    • ‘It might help matters and create much-needed energy if Wilkens instituted defensive pressure in the way of a full-court press or half-court trap at the start of games to get the team active early.’
    • ‘Seattle has implemented some new defensive formats and has tried to perfect its full-court press.’
    • ‘The team will be using full-court presses on defense to force turnovers and will play up-tempo on offense.’
    • ‘Observe and learn the principles to attack full-court presses, half-court traps, and half-court pressure.’
    • ‘Not that anyone really expects the double-teams and full-court presses to get to Whalen.’
    • ‘The trademark of Stallion basketball when he was there was 40 minutes of full-court presses and trapping defenses.’
    • ‘These Hoyas occasionally use full-court presses, and they will sometimes trap out of their half-court man-to-man.’
    • ‘Most college basketball coaches, Greenberg included, focus on full-court presses and defending the flex cut, and not the odds of drawing a backdoor flush.’
    • ‘As the Raiders primary ball handler Korsberg uses her quickness to overcome opponents full-court presses.’
    • ‘Note that full-court presses are only made following baskets; a turnover or defensive rebound rarely gives the defense enough time to get a press set up.’
    • ‘Did he miss all the slam dunks, three pointers, full-court presses and blocked shots?’
    • ‘Their full-court presses produced the desired result - multiple turnovers which resulted in multiple Naches Valley layups.’
    • ‘In March Madness, you'll face a number of different looks over the course of the game, including a variety of soft zones, trapping zones, full-court presses, and standard man-to-man defenses.’
    • ‘Coach Odom demonstrates how to break post-doubles, half-court traps, run-and-jump pressure, and full-court presses.’
    • ‘Also, Coach K has to think about using this athletic advantage on defense as well, by throwing some full-court presses & traps into the playbook.’
    1. 1.1US An instance of aggressive pressure.
      ‘if the president were to mount a full-court press for the space station’
      • ‘The Hunters' lead hit 24 midway through the third quarter, when YMY turned up the defensive pressure with a full-court press.’
      • ‘I just hope the Senate is strong enough to stand up to this full-court press by the White House.’
      • ‘The Johnsons take pride in their reputation for unassailable stewardship, and they have taken the lead in the industry's full-court press against the new rules.’
      • ‘The Kremlin's full-court press and the four-party alliance opposing Yakovlev left Smolny with few effective available strategies.’
      • ‘According to scholars, this full-court press to reach religious communities comes not a moment too soon.’
      • ‘This woman, who has no experience with the media whatsoever, is about to face a full-court press of the best PR people, the best lawyers, who will uncover anything she has ever done in her life, and I really feel sorry for her.’
      • ‘I mean, I know that the defense is really putting on a full-court press, taking a look at the families to see if they can poke holes in the story and to see if there are ulterior motives.’
      • ‘And making a full-court press in the spring of 2003 likely would have been difficult while we were focusing so many resources on Iraq.’
      • ‘Make a full-court press to get Russia to come to realize that a nuclear Iran is not a stabilizing influence; it's a destabilizing influence.’
      • ‘With just two days left until the California recall election, the candidates are putting on a full-court press to win over voters.’
      • ‘There are other parties to these agreements, and we are in a full-court press for consultations with those affected parties.’
      • ‘Officials say now what they call a full-court press is on across Iraq, looking for insurgents.’
      • ‘This countered a full-court press by Defence Secretary Forrestal to have a military team write this crucial document.’
      • ‘The contractor, which initially managed some health and safety at the site, soon began mounting a full-court press to take over the job, submitting a proposal to City Hall and lobbying contractors and union officials.’
      • ‘Sensing that Nike's lack of a proven sports superstar marketing its shoes spells weakness, rivals are mounting a full-court press.’
      • ‘Before then, retailers and drug makers had mounted a full-court press against the bill.’
      • ‘Our agents and informants are putting a full-court press on in this country and around the world.’
      • ‘At the time, Blackwell said the railroad had stepped up its efforts, adding: ‘Ours has been a full-court press of safety education and follow-up.’’


full-court press

/fʊl kɔrt prɛs/